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Maker movement

week 8

This week we explored the new movement spreading through Australian Classrooms that is known as the Maker Movement. Its main goals is to create classroom activities that are accessible to everyone, affordable, creative and leaves a positive impact on the environment. We discussed building musical instruments in the classroom and the potential for cross curricular links with other subjects.

Infographic on The Maker Movement. Taken from the book by Mark Hatch.

Instruments created by the class:
bobby pin kalimba
Rice and toilet roll Rainstick
elastic band guitar
Pillowcase bongos
Tin can shaker
Straw panpipes
Plate and elastic band harp
Coat-hanger wind chimes

I created a small Wine-Glass timpani style instrument using the notes A, C, G and D after discovering the first and only flaw reverse garbage/maker movement activities. What to do if your household has just had bin night, or are too efficient and has very little waste.

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