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Synths and Programming

week 7

This week was probably the most tech-y and intense as it incorporated the discussion of sound waves, physics, oscillation, and coding. We went through the basics of synthesizers and played in Soundtrap with each of the 4 main types. We also then used a program called Sonic Pi to code a series of notes. It works by typing each command the synth will play, eg. Play: C4 (middle C for 1 beat), Sleep 1 (Rest for 1 beat). This program seemed fun, but if I was having the difficulties figuring it out I would hate to think how a class of 14 year-olds would handle it… It was not as easily accessible as SoundTrap is.

Synth Basics

Four main synth types

4 Main types of Synthesis explained: Wavetable, Subtractive ...

Synth controls (ADSR)

Attack The time it takes for the note to reach its maximum volume from the start

DecayWhat happens to the note immediately after it is played

SustainHow the note is held over time

ReleaseThe time it takes for the note to reach its minimum volume

Synth Dictionary

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