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Video Formatting and Editing

week 6

This week was an introduction into the editing software from Adobe called Premiere Pro. We either had to make a tutorial-like video or use the video samples provided to us. The main goal was to overlay images or another video using the software. Once you get the hang of it Premiere pro is a very powerful tool and I have already used it for numerous other assignments this semester since this class. It can be used to create presentations, lectures, edit clips, add music or visuals to existing audio/video.

Introduction into Adobe Premiere

  1. Import all the media that will be used in the project by dragging and dropping

2. Drag media from media bank onto the timeline to start the project

3. Cut the length of a clip by dragging either end

4. Use the razor tool to split a clip into sections

5. Drag a picture or video above the original clip to insert it into the timeline

6. Click on the image/video, then Effect Controls tab to change position, size, etc

7. Use the razor tool to cut out sections of audio or video to replace

8. Visual and Audio effects are under the effects tab when a clip it selected

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