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Multi-cam filming

week 5

This week brought us a basic introduction to filming. Lighting, camera angles, video syncing and audio syncing were all covered in a bunch of videos. Having done no filming or editing of the kind before, it was at first very confusing.

General tips for filming

Don’t include the direct lights source in the camera shot

Have natural light coming from few different directions or use a light source in front of the subject being filmed.

Lighting from above produces shadows on faces and obscures faces

Free Video editing software




iMovie (Apple only)

Windows movie maker (Windows only)

Creating a multi-camera tutorial with only 1 camera

The hardest part of this technique is syncing the two videos. One method of syncing is to begin each with a loud clap. This enables you too see where the clap is in both videos and line the clap up so both videos begin at exactly the same time. I discovered that when using this trick in regards to music, a metronome is ESSENTIAL.

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