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Week 4

The Pandemic has struck, university as we knew it is no more. This week was the first of the official online classes that would be in place for the remainder of the semester. We explored the three main notation software being used in classrooms today and how to use each of them as well as their main selling points.

Simple steps to creating pieces in MuseScore, Sibelius & Noteflight

The Introduction Of Musescore Software Tools — Steemit
  1. Click Note input to begin placing notes

2. Select a note duration

3. Use the up and down keys on the keyboard to change a selected note’s pitch

4. Click any of the drop down menus to access the main Palettes (eg. time signature, articulation, dynamics, etc.)

5. Use the rewind and stop/start button to play your piece

6. Use the Edit tab to Undo/Redo, Add instruments, Delete/Add bars

7. Use the View tab to find the Master Palette to access all tools in the software

8. Use the Add tab to add bars and text

  1. Use the the keypad to input notes using the mouse

2. Select a note duration and place on the stave

3. Use the keypad to add sharps and flats

4. Use the keypad to add articulation and dotted notes

5. Click the View tab, and Keyboard to input notes using the virtual keyboard

6. Under the home tab, add or change instruments

  1. Use the main tab to access all notation tools within the software. (Adding notes is the same as MuseScore)

2. Use the Parts button to add or remove instruments

3. Use the keyboard button to use the virtual keyboard

4. Use the marketplace to access arrangements of pieces

Additional infomation

Music XML files are readable by most notation software if needed to transfer work between software or share.



Easy to use


Subscription or large one-time cost

The most in depth software available


Entirely online

Similar to musescore

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