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Week 3

This week would be a glimpse into the future of what was to come. We were unable to meet in person so the class was given online via a series of videos James created. It was a general overview of the use of technology with kids and included some interesting discussion points. There was a lot of discussion about pros and cons of technology as well as the use of mindfulness apps, but the main take-away ideas I gathered was the use or over-use of Microsoft PowerPoint and how to maximise its effectiveness.

Issues with a dedicated online week example 1.
Issues with a dedicated online week example 2.

Getting the basics right

The use of visual aids to enhance teaching/learning

The cognitive load theory dictates that in order for something to be learned small amounts of information need to be given at a time.
The redundancy effect states that when unnecessary amount of information is used to give a certain point, the original point can be lost and learning hindered.

When creating a visual aid such as a power point presentation to accompany a presentation or lecture 4 simple steps ensure an effective use of the technology.

  • Reduce the Number of Words on Your Slides
    Using the perfect combination, visual and auditory memory can be worked together to ensure the most can be recalled from a presentation/lecture/discussion.
  • Don’t Talk Over Your Slides
    When using written information on slides, allow time to process the words and information presented through the slide before beginning to talk over the top.
  • Limit PowerPoint Animations
    Keep slides simple without over stimulating those reading the presentation. Make sure not to overload each slide, give precise and relevant information through the visual aid.
  • Music specific
    When integrating the listening of music into a music class/lecture dedicate specific time to listen to excerpts or pieces, do not try to talk over music examples as this will also overload the listener.

Bellow is an example of a simple image being used to accompany text that compliments what is being said whilst not overloading the listener. A single image can replace the overuse or over reliance of words within a presentation.

Wash instrument/pieces
Submerse the instrument in warm soapy water. A large sink, basin or even a bathtub works
well. While under water, instrument may be cleaned out with a long flexible cleaning brush.
Be sure to rinse well before reassembling.
Individually clean each slide, cap and valve in warm soapy water. Use brush if available.
Caution: Take special care with valves, they are very fragile. Be careful not to dent or
scratch surface or edges. Rinse well.
Valves maybe disassembled but it is NOT RECOMMENDED (unless under supervision).
If taken apart, give careful attention to position of felts/corks. The cork rings are brittle —
handle with care. New felts and corks are available at the music store. Remember, the
valve itself is far easier to take apart than it is to put back together.
Image result for how to clean a brass instrument
How to clean a brass instrument –

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