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Microphones and multi-tracking

Week 2

This class was all about how to record using microphones. To record using a professional microphone into a computer, an audio interface is needed. The microphone is connected into the audio interface using an XLR cable and then into the computer from the Audio interface via USB cable. We Used Garageband (Apple) and Mixcraft (Windows) to record audio and create a short song. We played around with EQ and sound settings to minimise background noise and achieve the clearest sound but unfortunately by this point I was already confused enough

Dynamic microphone




The microphone for the classroom

Higher frequency instruments and sounds

Condenser microphone

Captures a wide range of sounds

Many settings for sound capture

Picks up more detail in sounds

The classic studio microphone

Middle-Low frequency instruments and sounds

Notes on Microphones

Condenser microphones pickup lots of background noise

When connecting to a computer, an audio interface is required

XLR cable – 3 pinned standard microphone plug

TRS/Quarter inch/Guitar cable – Common audio cable

Additional information

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