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Brassify The World

Technology in Music Education

A 13 week instructional journey

And a reminder for myself a year from now how to use technology again

Begins here


A website for technology-newbies, by a technology-newbie

This website has been created with the goal to provide a tutorials and reminders of how to use software and technology related to music education long after I have undertaken this course.

From notation software, microphones and cameras to video editing. This site contains many useful tools for music educators, that has been presented in a way that is hopefully understood regardless of experience with technology.

Leave and questions or comments at the bottom of the page

-Matt O’Brien

Week by Week

1. Soundtrap

2. Microphones and multi-tracking

3. Technology aids

4. Notation software

5. Multi-cam filming

6. Video formatting and editing

7. Synthesizers

8. Maker Movement

9. Mashups & Mixing

11. Musitian + Auralia

12. Balancing technology

Creating electronic dance music in Ableton (my project)

Online professional presence evidence

Final Reflection

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